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Crating & Packing

Lawrence Fine Arts is known worldwide for our crating and packing experience and expertise.

LFA's in-house crating staff evaluates every art object, considering size, weight, sensitivity, and conditions to which it will be exposed. A customized crate is then designed to ensure the safe travel of each valued piece. Since our research and training is on-going, the crating and packing methods and materials we use are the most current, appropriate and of the highest quality.

We provide a full range of museum standard crating and packing services, including:

  • On-site wrapping and packing
  • One-way crates
  • Round-trip crates
  • Travel frames
  • Multiple-use traveling exhibition crates

One-Way Crate
Our most minimal and economical option

  • Waterproof MDO plywood construction
  • Lid secured with screws and cup washers
  • 2" ethafoam or 1.4" charcoal ethafoam bumpers used at corners to absorb shock and dampen vibration
  • Full 2" x 4" skids for greater stability and easier movement

Round-Trip Crate
Our most frequently requested option when more substantial protection is recommended.

Includes all One-Way Crate features, plus:

  • Reinforced 1" x 4" pine battens
  • 1" x 6" museum battens also available
  • Routered edges and fully-sanded exterior for easier and safer handling
  • White "butcher" lining paper as barrier and moisture buffer
  • Marked interiors for refitting

Museum-Quality Travel Crate
Our premium, multiple-use and international travel option

Includes all Round-Trip Crate features, plus:

  • Lid secured with steel bolts and threaded closure plates
  • Water-based water resistant sealant
  • Exterior paint available in a selection of colors
  • High-quality gasket material

Museums recommend us for the design and durability of our traveling exhibition crates.

Galleries, collectors and artists depend on us for the safe and stable environment we create for their traveling fine art objects.


Additional Travel Crate Features

  • Top-side, front load or break-away crates
  • Slotted interiors
  • Tray pack
  • Cowboy pack
  • Drawers
  • Individual Fomecor boxes
  • Travel frames with Oz clips
  • Contour bracing
  • Cavity pack
  • Slat crates
  • Sculpture pallets
  • Full stenciling
  • International freight markings
  • Handles
  • Packing list for multiple items

Additional Crating & Packing Services

  • Glassine, Polyethylene, Tyvek, Volara, Mylar, Glass-skin as appropriate
  • On-site packing and crating
  • Archival soft wrap
  • Fabrication and packing portfolios
  • Tube packing
  • Exhibition pedestals
  • Retrofitting and refurbishing of used crates
  • Empty crate disposal

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